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Our Vision/mission & Values

At Soubanet, we know where we are going and the road map to reach there is pre defined.


To support our customers fulfill their commitment made to their customers.

While we are focusing on this important  metric, we also want to  ensure we make a positive impact in people lives along the way.


An organization without a vision is like a flaying plane with no pre defined destination.  We at Soubanet weren’t this kind of  plane. Here at Soubanet, our vision is simple.  The main one is to make ourselves a name  and become of the key player in mobile and wireless network deployment in the US market.  We know that our won't be achieved without honesty, dedication and work well done.

Company Values


  • Our work process is efficient and authentic

  • Honest in all business dealings

  • We do not deceive


  • We always work together to solve problems

  • Always available when teammate needs us


  • We are, because of you, our customer.

  • We are, because of you, our employee.

  • We only succeed when you trust us, and believe in us.

Can do

  • Creating possibilities

  • Taking on challenges


  • We don't compromise our mission " Serve our customer"

  • We say "Yes" to what others say "No"

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